Terms and Conditions - Alamo Guatemala

Basic Insurance is a combine product that includes Collision Damage Waiver, Third Parties Insurance and Theft Protection.

The daily cost on this coverage is US$ 20.00 per day for regular cars, and US$ 25.00 per day for Four Wheel Drive Cars and Microbuses.

In case of an accident, there will be a charge of a deductible of a maximum of US$ 1.500.00 for small cars and US$ 2.500.00 for SUV cars. In case of theft, the maximum deductible will be US$ 2.000.00 for small cars and US$ 3.000.00 for SUV cars.

This coverage is mandatory, unless client has car rental insurance coverage through his credit card. In this case, client has to pay only US$ 5.00 per day to be covered for damages done to third parties, up to $ 25.000.00.